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  • UX Collective Editors

    UX Collective Editors

    The polar bear behind http://uxdesign.cc

  • Nick Wignall

    Nick Wignall

    Psychologist and blogger. I help people use psychology for meaningful personal growth: https://nickwignall.com

  • Gillian Sisley

    Gillian Sisley

    Online solopreneur. Tea drinker. Committed optimist. I write about womanhood, writing & entrepreneurship. Never miss a single beat 👉 https://bit.ly/33XgtKT

  • Ryan Holiday

    Ryan Holiday

    Bestselling author of ‘Conspiracy,’ ‘Ego is the Enemy’ & ‘The Obstacle Is The Way’ http://amzn.to/24qKRWR

  • Enric Cantín

    Enric Cantín

    Nací a una edad muy temprana • Ex periodista • Ex emprendedor • Servidor público

  • Tabita Luis

    Tabita Luis

    El futuro del trabajo es diverso, inclusivo y con impacto social. También escribo sobre talento y liderazgo / Weall.es / Head People & Culture @Too Good to Go

  • La Nave Nodriza

    La Nave Nodriza

    La escuela donde aprendemos a diseñar productos y servicios digitales, de forma artesanal y humana.

  • Dan Hill

    Dan Hill

    Designer, urbanist, etc. Director of Strategic Design at Vinnova, Swedish govt. Prof. AHO Oslo, Visiting Prof. UCL Bartlett IIPP, Design Academy Eindhoven, RMIT

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